Rufus J. Ventura III is a well-known superb chef and part owner of Ventura's Restaurant. He was born on January 18, 1975 the son of Rufus J. & Joy Ventura Jr. It was evident as early as he could walk that the restaurant business was in his blood.

Unlike his father, it was not the business end that peaked his interest, it was the kitchen and cooking the fascinated him. He would follow his grandmother all over watching, learning, and preparing himself to be the head chef in the future. As a teenager, Rufus would work in the restaurant as much as he could. He was happiest behind the line of the kitchen working side by side with his grandmother following her every move and memorizing each and every ingredient she sprinkled into each dish.

Upon graduating, he immediately wanted to enter the family business. He sought after his dream and became head chef and part owner of the restaurant. If you ask him the secret of his success, he will tell you "Its the love and pride I put into each dish." His grandmother passed all her old world authentic recipes down to him, which he believes no school can teach. Rufus vowed to keep the memory of his grandparents alive not only through the restaurant itself, but through every dish served.

Like his father, Rufus thrives on pleasing every person that walks through the door. He is focused on consistency of every item he serves. He has worked tirelessly to maintain the high quality of food and tradition that was instilled in him as a young boy. His success is a combination of his background, inborn talent, and his genuine love for what he does.