Welcome to Ventura's Restaurant.com. Our cuisine is rich in flavor and family history and we hope that you get the opportunity to visit our restaurant in Utica, NY or sample some of our old-world marinara sauce.

In 1943, Marie Ventura and her husband Rufus J Ventura, founded Ventura's Restaurant in Utica, NY. She cooked with all her love and old world secrets passing them down to her son Rufus Jr, known as "Nini" and now her grandchildren Rufus III and Nina continue that tradition. Decades after its founding, Ventura's Restaurant still continues to be enjoyed by several generations of customers who appreciate our authentic old world recipes. Our family is proud to share three generations of love with yours.

Not only is Ventura's recognized for its tremendous cuisine, it has been a bastion for lovers of the New York Yankees since its opening. Many famous NY Yankees passed through the doors of Ventura's on more than one occasion such as; Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto, Whitey Ford, Bobby Murcer, "The Stick" Gene Michaels, Mike Torrez, Jimmy Key and many more sports legends.

For three generations we have worked to provide our customers the high standards of quality food, the utmost respect, excellent service, and consistency in every aspect of our business.

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